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The Dating World of Teenagers

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As adults, we venture into the dating world with a lot of hopes, fears, excitement, and expectations.

In the changing, intricate, and sensitive world of teenagers, things are not easier than they normally are.

With teenagers, some rules change, some rules disappear, some rules are modified, and some new rules appear.

Let us talk about the dating world of teenagers.

How they date? 

How do they meet each other?

How are their expectations different from ours?

How different the dating process in their world?

And how do they think about their selves?

What do they want in their partner

Things that attract teenagers to each other are somehow different from what attracts adults to each other.

Although some things are similar, many things are different.

Some of the things that matter to teenagers in their partner:

  • Likability

Teenagers care if their crush is liked and admired by other people.

They want to date the most popular, beautiful, and good-looking person they know.

  • Lifestyle

Teenagers care if their crush is leading a fashionable and trendy lifestyle.

They want to be with someone who is always on the latest trends.

  • Looks

Everyone cares about looks.

We all want to be with someone good-looking.

However, as we grow older, we realize that looks are not everything.

In the teenage world, they put extra emphasis on looks and appearances.

In other words, they want their own Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid.

How do their relationships start and ends

When two teenagers like each other, they confess their admiration in a very simple straightforward way –something adults should learn from them. 

Their flirting may begin by sliding into each other’s DMs.

Or the flirting may start as a simple question of borrowing her class notes, or her asking him to send last week’s syllabus.

Now God forbids them to have a fight or a disagreement, things may end as fast as they started.

And they can go back to ignoring each other in the school hallways.

Things to learn from the dating dynamics of teenagers

  1. Express your feeling more often and do not shy away from showing your emotional side.
  2. Be more spontaneous and follow your heart. Not everything should come after numerous calculations.
  3. Do not linger long after a relationship ends. Learn to move on when you reach a dead end. 

In other words, do not water a dead plant.

In conclusion, the dating world of teenagers is different from the adults’ one.

It has its perks and its ups and downs.

It is fun, exciting, and it teaches us many lessons.

Enjoy every period and stage of your life and make the most out of it.

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