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The Blind Date

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For the majority of us, entering and stepping into the huge dating world is as scary as it is.

However, I think we can all agree on the fact that what makes this step a whole lot scarier is the often talked about “blind date”.

What is a blind date?

Who goes on blind dates?

How are blind dates arranged and by who?

Are blind dates different than ordinary dates?

Why do we do go on and participate in blind dates?

What are its pros and cons?

How common it is?

 In this blog post, we will be talking about blind dates and answering the most common questions regarding these types of dates.

What is a blind date?

A blind date is when two consenting people go on a planned date without any prior personal knowledge of each other.

It is a dating technique often used by people who are ready to meet new people but think of no one in particular.

It is a fun, exciting, and adventurous way to meet your other half.

Of course, it is needless to say that these blind dates can run smoothly and lead to future dates if both parties liked each other.

Or, unfortunately, it can lead to nowhere.

Sometimes a person may not even last till the end of the date and they would leave in the middle of the date. Oops.

Who goes on blind dates?

Actually, a lot of people participate in blind dates.

It is not a bad idea for meeting new people.

Let us say you are ready to meet someone and start a new chapter in your life, but you think about no one in particular.

Your friends may know someone they think is suitable for you and they would plan a blind date for you two.

In case you liked each other, you can continue to meet and it could lead to a brighter romantic future. Fingers crossed.

Of course, your friends will give you the basics info on the person they have in mind for you and you can always skip the date and say no thank you!

Are blind dates different from normal dates?

Not at all.

Blind dates are exactly like ordinary dates.

With one exception, on a blind date, you do not meet the other person until the date, thus the name “blind” date.

Everything else on the date goes exactly as it would on a normal date.

Can blind dates go wrong?


Like any other date, blind dates can go horribly wrong…

Here are some funny and disastrous stories people shared:

 “I was supposed to meet this woman, Mary. I got to the designated spot 20 minutes early. No one for a while. About 15 minutes after I was supposed to meet her, a woman walks by.

‘Are you Mary?’ I asked her.

‘Are you [arichi]?’ she asked me.

‘Yes, I am.’

‘I’m not Mary.'” – Redditor arichi

Here is another true funny story about blind dates:

I was on a date with a guy I liked, and while he was driving, he got a speeding ticket and asked me to pay for it, since I was talking and he was “distracted” from the road. I was annoyed, but I took the ticket. He then took me to dinner at Hooters and asked me to pick up the tab so he can pay for us to get into some nightclub, where he spends the entire evening talking about other women he’d been with. Needless to say, there was no second date.

What are the pros and cons of blind dates?

Like everything else, there are both some negative and positive aspects related to blind dates.

On the negative side:

It is hard enough to click with someone but is it extra hard to click with someone you have just met.

On the positive side:

– If things worked out between the two of you and you liked each other, it could lead to a very cute story you can tell people someday.

– If things did NOT work out and you did not like each other, you can live in the luxury of knowing that you will never see this person ever again (or highly unlikely).

It is not like you work together or live next to each other. You literally did not meet them until this date.


In conclusion, blind dates are a great way to meet new people.

It is the same as an ordinary date but a bit more exciting.

Can it make you nervous? Yes

Can you end up despising your date? Also yes.

However, these are risks associated with any type of date, not just blind dates.

So give it a go and try this dating method because why not?

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