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15 Best Wedding Destinations

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“A wedding is a series of special moments, strung together like beads on a chain. Sure, by themselves, they are lovely but put them all together and you get art.”

― Sarah Dessen, Once and for All

Since we were little, we have thought about and planned our wedding. 

The most magical day in our lives.

We may have dreamt of a big fancy wedding in the most extravagant place we could think of, or we may have dreamt of a candle-lit cozy dinner with our family and close friends.

We may have shared our fantasies and dreams with our friends, or we may have kept it all to ourselves.

Nevertheless, we all have dreamt of this day.

Now if you are planning to get married soon (fingers crossed), we would like to remind you of = some of the most romantic wedding destinations.

1. Paris

Paris is the city of lovers. 

You literally find love on every corner.

It may be the flower girls and boys, the violinists, the painters, the bakers, or the couples walking hand in hand in the paved streets of this amazing city. 

Everything about this city screams LOVE.

2. Athens

Since ancient times, Athens was at the heart of every legend, book, poem, and tragedy.

It is the capital city of the gigantic Greek Empire.

It is the city of Aphrodite, Eros, Athena, and many may more deities, gods, and goddesses.

Choosing Athens as your wedding destination is a choice you will never ever regret.

3. Rome

The eternal city.

The city of kings, emperors, poets, senates, artists, painters, writers, law setters, conquerors, and gladiators.

Imagine a green earthy vineyard, a Mediterranean piece of heaven, or a historical venue.

 Add to it some delicious food, a magical atmosphere, and amazing company.

What more could you ask for?

4. Prague

This city is a gem of beauty, mystique, charm, and history.

A city you will feel its magic once you set your foot in to it.

Prague is a city for lovers and dreamers and it is an ethereal romantic city.

5. Istanbul

Have you ever been to Istanbul?

Istanbul is in Turkey, a country between Europe and Asia.

If you decided to have your dream day in Istanbul, you will be surrounded by beauty, magic, and culture.

6. Havana

Havana is a city trapped in time.

Why it is perfect to host your wedding?

Well, because everywhere you walk, you will see colorful buildings, dancing people, and you would feel a vintage charm.

7. Monaco

This city witnessed the fairytale wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and the sweetheart of the American cinema Grace Kelly.

If it is good enough for this duo, it is good enough for anyone else.

8. Santorini

Do you fancy a place where you can find vintage vibes and breathtaking sites at the same time?

Santorini is the place to go.

This magical place in Greece is not only a romantic destination but also an amazing place for photo-shoots.

9. Venice

Who doesn’t know Venice?

It is the city of love.

With its water canals, romantic boats, and flowery historic walls, Venice will leave you in awe.

10. Marrakech

What is it to love about Marrakech?

Simply, everything.

The colorful ancient buildings, the smiling people, the exotic vendors, and the beautiful sites of this city.

It is a city like no other.

11. Hawaii

Do you like beach weddings?

Why don’t you get married in Hawaii?

Bluewater, golden sands, dancers with flower crowns, and hearty food.

Your guests will thank you!

12. Cairo

Cairo is city full of mystery, magic, and beauty.

It has intrigued the minds of scholars and poets since thousands of years ago.

Imagine a beautiful wedding in an oriental venue overlooking the Nile or the pyramids.

Nothing can beat this!

13. Lisbon

Lisbon is where someone would go if they want to get lost in a world of beauty and secrets.

Why don’t you surprise your guests and pick Lisbon for your happily ever after?

14. Verona

Verona is the city where Romeo and Juliette takes place.

where could be more suitable to tell the world about your love?

It is a beautiful place with vintage magical vibes.

15. Capri

If there is a list of all the beautiful sea destinations in the world, Capri would be on top of this list.

It is beauty manifested.

This island will leave you speechless and it is the perfect place for your wedding.

There are many magical cities in the world to begin your happily ever after at.

Choose a place you and your partner love and let the story begins.

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